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Miriam, a 35-year-old professional IT manager, leads a life consumed by books. When she’s not working, she’s reading. She has a handful of friends and a questionable social life. Though attractive and well-kept, Miriam chooses to hide herself from men and has led a life of celibacy since her first and only lover ditched her after a two-year romance in college. Then one day, she discovers an obscure book by an obscure author in a used book shop. The book is called The Reality of Being Lovers and its main character Josh is “a man who gets what he wants and sometimes more than he bargains for,” according to the book jacket description.

Josh is a sexual powerhouse who has his way with women. Josh is also a lonely man looking for real love, eternal love—a love he cannot find in his book character—a man whose true character is revealed only to Miriam after she begins to read it.

Miriam soon realizes that her life is changing. Something strange, something good is happening to her and she looks to the book and Josh for the answer to why.

The Reality of Being Lovers is an erotic love story for book lovers. It’s a book for people who believe in the magic of books and the magic of love. It breaks down the barrier between reader and book character. It’s a love story between Miriam and Josh. It’s a book that will let you dream.


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