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Salt on Our Skin


“In these days of verbal inflation, when words fall out of fashion as fast as our clothes, we have only grubby obscenities rendered meaningless by constant repetition.” Benoite Groult “Salt on Our Skin”


When I hear the language of casual conversation spoken today, I think about this passage from Benoite Groult’s novel, “Salt on Our Skin,” published in 1988. It seems to me that obscenities that mean nothing have become the norm for filling out everyday conversation.

2 thoughts on “Obscenities

  1. It has always been my belief that only ignorant people swear because they are too ignorant to think of anything else to say


  2. I agree, Patrecia, but I also noticed “smart” people I know using this kind of language as a matter of habit, not even realizing it, since vulgarities have become so much a part of daily conversation. Thanks for your comment.


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