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Free Books Waiting For You

I just logged into my Amazon account to see how many books I haven’t sold. Looks good.

Since so many folks are snowed in these days, I decided to run a promotion on my books. Between January 12-16, you can grab any of my books on Amazon (Kindle) for free. I only ask that you consider reading them and let me know what you think. If you want to do a review on Amazon or Goodreads, that’s OK. I would appreciate it, but no obligation.


“Things I Remember”

“Finding What’s Lost”

“The Reality of Being Lovers”

For one-stop shopping, go to my Amazon author page at www.amazon.com/author/gailwinfree. You can download all three books here.Reality Cover 2 3057869_Cover Final Cover

Good reading and stay safe this winter.

2 thoughts on “Free Books Waiting For You

  1. Love you dear ! I do not have Finding What’s Lost ! I miss our chats ! I hope you are well ! I am still caring for the two lovely parents with cancer but things are still ok ! I still feel blessed each day . I read and write reviews and write reviews for other artists too. I just placed a resume in for an Assistant Editor’s Job at a start up publishing co. here with the Professor of Journalism at Ole Miss. He is such a great person and this would be a dream job for me ! My blog is at renewal stage again and my Mac needs more hard drive for new updates or a new MAC ! So , money is an issue ! As always ! HA! I just pray we get Trump in as President before someone shoots him . I have had it with all of these hypocritical lying idiot liberals over here ! There is something new said each day that is not true and it is an embarrassment to the old time professional writers and journalists ! I would like to take some of them and paddle them for back talking their superiors and then for not verifying or writing unsubstantiated garbage throw them in jail for a few months . Once that happens a few times then they may start to actually do their jobs again instead of claiming to do so . I would have failed greatly if I had reported and written like that in college , but that is the dumbing down of education in America ! Every little child must be like everyone else and pass along and they can’t dare to be different , Creative , unique, and have an intelligent idea of their own that might make them stand out and get talked about . Kids are cruel cry babies . They would never make it during my years ! HA! I thought I had it rough but kept it to myself and never let it show.

    I guess Obama has pretty much had a hand in ruining the world his eight years . Angela Urkell will probably not get reelected this year for her crazy show of reckless generosity with the refugees and all the trouble they have caused. Obama has paid big money to keep many in Europe and yet no one is blaming him ! The guy thinks he is a movie star ⭐️ or a Rockstar ! It is all his fault the world is full of terrorists and the bad people in the Middle East and Asia are stronger than ever .

    I am so sorry for rambling on so much . I suppose you are so happy to be away where you are. Please send me some news of your health and thoughts . You are a man of great thoughts , you know that ! Have you read anything I should just really put on my list to read besides your books . I am to read them now . I think I am going to tackle Proust this year in a year long group read. Last year I read A Dance to the Music of Time the twelve volume set by Anthony Powell . We read a book a month . I loved it ! It really was a masterpiece that he wrote that book so well connected and with so many characters and by the time you were finished you did know them all . They were real , some sadder than most . Some happier and some such incredible fools . Some of all types and perfect representatives for each period of time . An amazing world he created over so much time .
    Of course , I am still faithful to my Southern Literary trails and my Historical reads fiction and nonfiction . My favorite book in the past year or two was Anythony Doerr’s All The Light We Cannot See . It is one of my all time favorite books from now on . The story was beautifully written and I loved every character and wished I could meet them all . You must try it if you have not yet . It will bring Light into your life you may have forgotten about or had not seen around you in a bit .

    Dear friend , please write a word or two soon and let me know how you and your lovely wife are doing . I still have a Facebook page too and no marriage so my name is still Dawn Copley in good old Oxford, Mississippi home of William Faulkner !
    Always , Dawn

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  2. Hi Dawn. Good to hear from you again. I agree, journalism is not what it used to be. Good luck with the job. I hope you get it. Let me know.Anthony Doerr’s “All the Light We Cannot See” is actually in my stack of books to read.

    We’re doing good, still running after the dogs and cats.

    Take care.


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