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Weeping Over a Beer: A Lost Manuscript 2


Good news. I was able to restore my lost file of random notes (read my previous post).  After trying everything, including a couple of file recovery programs, I was unable to recover the file. It had been corrupted in some way (with Windows, you never know for sure what that means). Then I had an idea. I went to my temp files and located one dated approximately the time I lost my original file. I opened it in Word and—you guessed it—there was my original file. I had lost a couple of hours of work that I was able to recreate, but I had my complete file back.

I do save often when I’m working, but I don’t back up my files as often as I should. I learned my lesson. Whether you back up in the cloud, on an external or thumb drive, memory card, disk, whatever, do it. BACK UP at least once a week. Daily would be better. How often you back up files depends on how much work you have to back up.

2 thoughts on “Weeping Over a Beer: A Lost Manuscript 2

  1. Even with its quirks, Word is still the best around. I’m still using Word 2003. I don’t like any of the versions after it. It seems every time Microsoft comes out with a new Office version, it gets more complex. By the way Jacqui, I enjoy reading your posts. I copy and keep most of your description lists. They’re good inspiration.


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