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Things about me you’ll never read on the pages of “The New York Times”

Gail Vampire

Yes, I write. No, I don’t write vampire novels.

Okay, I’m going to open the door to all my followers on this page and reveal just who I am (or am not). Here’s a potpourri of things about me you’ll never read on the pages of “The New York Times.”

I’m a writer and I drink my coffee black.

I prefer nature to neighbors, country to city, and animals to people.

I love food and will eat most anything put in front of me. However, I do have three rules about eating. They are (1) I don’t eat anything that looks back at me when I’m eating it. (2) I don’t eat anything that moves on my plate. (3) I don’t eat anything that is slimy.

I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church. However, I don’t go along with organized religion. I consider myself a spiritual person more than a religious person. In other words, you find God in your heart, not in a building with a bunch of other people.

I don’t align myself with any political parties. I’m politically conservative. I believe in the Constitution and the principles our founding fathers gave us. Give me small government and personal freedom. I’ve never taken or asked for a handout from Uncle Sam. I can take care of myself if left alone to do so. I don’t like politics: I don’t believe or trust politicians; and I am not a politically correct person.

I dress for comfort, not to impress. Jeans and khakis, cargos preferred. I don’t wear anything that needs ironing or dry cleaning, and most of my clothes come from the thrift store. The last time I remember wearing a suit and tie was around 1988. I don’t like boxers and not fond of pajamas. There was a time when underwear was optional.

I love just about any music that was produced before 1975. After that, I’m a little more selective. I like “roots” music, old blues, country, folk, etc. I like rock music that has a dominating lyrical presence and I sometimes like to listen to classical music.

I love good movies. I prefer independent productions over big Hollywood films. I also like short films, and I’m a fan of zombie movies. My taste in films is somewhat eccentric. For example, one of my favorite movies is “The Corndog Man.” Don’t let the title fool you. This is a movie with a lot of social importance. I haven’t watched TV in almost three years.

I love photography and video. I like playing with cameras and I own around 25 different cameras and camcorders, both old and new. Mostly old, though.

I have a passion for books. Currently, I have approximately 20,000 books of fiction. That does not include poetry, my collection of classics, nonfiction, and Kindle books. More than 20,000 novels; that’s a lot of books. When hearing this, the first thing people ask is, have I read all of them? No, I haven’t. But I’m familiar with each one. My collection represents some of the finest writing (and some bad stuff thrown in for good measure) in the world from hundreds of brilliant authors from A-Z, Walter Abish to Markus Zusak to be exact. When I’m looking for inspiration, I just go to my library, and I just have to be there and do nothing and inspiration finds me. I have no favorite book and no favorite author. I have many. I am not a book collector. I am a book lover. Books are a part of me. That’s just how it is.

You won’t hear me complain. I have the companionship of a beautiful wife and plenty of cats and dogs. I have a house full of books and music, and a garden for solitude. I’ve found my call in life and it is a worthy one. I have memories and experiences that have made me wise and strong in character and I have a craziness that keeps me sane. So you won’t hear me complain. Unless, of course, I have to go shopping. I hate shopping.

That’s it for now. I will save the rest for my memoir, if I ever write it.

6 thoughts on “Things about me you’ll never read on the pages of “The New York Times”

  1. Gail –
    It is really bad they broke the mold when they made you!!! You and I are definitely kindred spirits…. This is such an awesome post!!! I love the picture . It is so suitable for letting your hair down as though you are letting it ” ALL HANG OUT!” so to say!!! Oh! And such terrible secrets you have!!! Just so you know , if you do not wear underwear these days they call it going ” Commando” ! I don’t really get why but I was told that by a guy I was out on a date with one night. Believe me, he did not get lucky!!! I guess I am just a prude! But if I feel no passion or a little heart pitter patter — not even a kiss on the cheek or a hand shake is given ! HA ! I know I am not a prize but you can’t force it or fake it ! I guess that is why I will probably never marry again and probably why I never did until 43!

    I am so impressed with the knowledge you have so securely written. Are you sure you just didn’t read part of my thoughts? Write me soon. I am going to read up on some of your old post as I have time. I still need to finish Kaye Hinckley’s book Review. Really, Gail , it is so close to my current wounds , I am having a hard time getting through the book. It is not a hard read. She is a lovely writer. But , every story makes you think and I have cried. I will let you read the review before she does to see if it is ok.

    Love you dear friend… Dawn


    • Thanks, Dawn. But another secret” They didn’t break the mold. It’s being kept in a secret vault in the basement of the Smithsonian. Really! I saw it once.

      “Going Commando” from Wikipedia

      Going commando, or free-balling for males and free-buffing for females, is the practice of not wearing underwear.
      Some people choose not to wear any underwear for several reasons, including for comfort, to enable their outer garments (particularly those which are form-fitting) to look more flattering, to avoid creating a panty line, or because they do not see any need for them. Some people find not wearing underwear to be sexually exciting, and some people regard knowing that their sex partner is not wearing underwear to be erotic. Not wearing underwear is widely considered to be immodest and socially unacceptable if the crotch area becomes exposed, but can be a part of some sex fantasies and of some pornographic films.
      Certain types of clothes, such as cycling shorts and kilts, are designed to be worn or are traditionally worn without underwear. This also applies for most clothes worn as swimwear, sportswear or nightwear.
      In Chile, the act of not wearing underwear has been called “andar a lo gringo” (to go gringo-style) for decades.

      Now you know. Take care.


    • I agree, Jeannie. Books, CDs, DVDs, and computer and electronics stores are where you will find me if I have to shop. At least those are the stores I try to sneak into when in town.


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