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My Tips for Staying Healthy

I recently turned 62 and over the years, I’ve heard and read all the changing wisdom regarding what we need to do to stay healthy. You have a lot of contradictory information being put out on the benefits and hazards of almost everything. When the so-called experts can’t agree on what’s good or bad for you, how can you possibly know. I think you have to make your own decisions.

Based on my experience and observations, I put together some simple ways to stay healthy. Here they are. You may or may not agree with them.

  • Have a purpose in life.
  • Find things you like to do and do them.
  • Laugh a lot. Be positive. Stay grounded.
  • Find time to relax. Meditate. Read. Do nothing.
  • Get a cat or dog or any pet and love it.
  • Appreciate and respect nature.
  • Find a good person you can share your life with and love that person.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits and fish than meat. Meat is good when eaten in moderation. So is butter and bread. Try to avoid processed foods. Eat natural foods.
  • Make olive oil a major ingredient in your diet.
  • Drink plenty of water. Coffee, tea, and especially red wine are good, too.
  • Exercise. Exercise is not only running, lifting weights, aerobics. It’s any activity that involves movement and burning calories. Walking, gardening, work, and even sex are also exercise. You don’t need a gym or fancy equipment to exercise.

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