Welcome to my world. Whether you stumbled upon this little piece of cyberspace by accident or by design, you’re here, and I hope you take a few minutes to explore the site before heading off to your next cyber affair.

My mission is to make this site simple, entertaining, informative, interesting, inspiring, and engaging. I want you to leave the site feeling good and inspired in some way.

My blog reflects things that interest me—writing, books, music, film, art, the outdoors and nature, living naturally and simply, employing wisdom and common sense during difficult times, personal experiences—while the rest of the site will be devoted to my writing and my books.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and will share with your friends.


the fine print—

I’m also available for freelance work. I’m both a content writer and a copywriter. During my 40-plus years of writing, I’ve done it all—journalism, PR, advertising, press releases, guides, sales letters, and more—so I feel confident I can handle any assignment given me and give it back to the client’s satisfaction.

Contact me if you need a good writer who can do the job you expect.